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Help WIth Homework and Study

Speyside High School runs a Study Club on Wednesday evenings from 4.00 - 6.00 pm.

Pupils study in the Library or use computers in Room 28.

Study is supervised by members of staff who are there to help you.

Study Club pupils can enjoy free refreshments at around 5.00pm and free transport to main centres is available at 6.00pm.

Homework Hints
Here are some hints which will make home study less troublesome and more useful to you:

1. Find a quiet room in which to work.

2. Write on a table at the correct height - not on a coffee table or on the floor or even in bed!

3. Don't try to listen to music or watch television at the same time. You may think you work better but you'll take longer and the results will be poorer.

4. Make sure you have written down the teacher's full instructions for the homework. This should be done in the Student Planner provided by the school.

5. Plan your work. Teachers will normally allow at least two evenings to complete a task so there should be no need to rush a homework task.

6. Don't give up a difficult task. Teachers will be far more helpful and sympathetic to someone who has tried than to someone who simply says "I couldn't do it!"

7. If you are unable to hand in your homework explain the problem. Don't just hope that the absence of your exercise won't be noticed.This annoys teachers for it is dishonest.

8. Don't copy a friend's work, or write a hurried half-hearted exercise. Your teachers are looking for your efforts so they can offer you any help you need.

9. If you have not actually been given a set task to do for a subject spend some time going over what you studied in that day's lessons. This will save a great deal of last minute "swotting" later.

10. Your registration tutor is available to help you to plan your homework and to advise you on how to make the best use of your Student Planner. If you have any problems in organising your homework, discuss it with your tutor.

11. Remember that homework can be done in school. You have access to the library and to a quiet room at lunchtime.