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How will you get to school?

Some of you will have quite a distance to travel to school and will have the right to free transport.
Here are the questions parents and new pupils asked about getting to school. We have answered them for you.

I live 5 miles from Speyside High School. Will I get free transport from my house?

Any pupil who lives more than 2 miles from the school will be provided with free transport to and from school. However, door to door transport is not guaranteed and you may be asked to walk up to 2 miles to a suitable pick-up point, though this is not likely.

How do my parents go about applying for free transport?

If you are still at primary school, your teacher may already have given you an application form for transport which your parents will have filled up and returned to your teacher. If you are already at Speyside High School and you would like to apply for transport, ask your Guidance Teacher for an application form.

How will I know which bus to travel on?

You will receive a letter telling you whose bus you will travel on and where it will pick you up. You will also be given a bus permit. Once you have been allocated a bus, you must travel on that bus and not change to another.

If I lose my permit, can I get another one?

Yes. If you give your name to the school office, the office staff will arrange for a replacement permit to be sent to you. A replacement will cost you £3.

Do I need to show my bus permit every time I travel?

Yes, although some bus drivers may not always ask to see your permit as they get to know their 'regular' passengers. You are expected to keep your permit safe and show it if needed. You will keep the same permit throughout your stay at Speyside High School. You won't be given a new one each year so take good care of it!

What happens if I misbehave on the bus?

The bus driver will inform the school of your behaviour. Foolish behaviour could distract the driver and this may cause an accident. The owners of the bus can refuse to accept passengers who misbehave. Being on the bus is the same as being at school and you should behave accordingly.

Remember the Common Sense Code:

Do- Try as hard as you can to learn as much as you can. Always let others do the same
Do- Look after your surroundings and the property of others in school, the community and on transport.
Do- Come to school suitable dressed and prepared for the days work.
Do- All you can to make everyone feel welcome in the school to help further it's good name

Don't- Do anything to hurt, upset or danger any other pupil
Don't- Do anything to put at risk your own health, safety and wellbeing

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