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Intervals and Lunch Hour

Since we have a very large number of pupils in this school lunch queues can be very long. To shorten the waiting time first and second year pupils go for lunch at 12.45 and all other pupils go at 12.50.

At lunchtime you will queue in the auditorium for a cooked meal. If you want snacks or filled rolls queue in the canteen area. When you are called to the eating area you will move along to the counter where food is served. There is a wide choice of food available. A two-course meal costs approx £2.00 but there is a wide range of snacks and filled rolls available. Each item is priced separately on the menu.

Canteen Menu

Week OneWeek TwoWeek ThreeWeek Four


Promoting Good Health is a high priority:

You will be given your own smartcard to pay for your meals. This is used instead of cash at the tills. You can top up your smartcard with cash before lunchtime and one of two machines in the school. Don't worry about how to use these machines, you will be shown how before you need to go to lunch.
Some pupils prefer to bring their own lunches. If you choose to do this, you should go to the canteen area and use one of the tables provided.
After lunch you will have time to yourself. You can walk freely around Aberlour at lunchtime, but you must not leave the school bounds at intervals. Some shops are open and you may visit the park. Remember to stay away from the banks of the River Spey as even strong swimmers have drowned after falling in.

The school cannot take responsibility for you if you leave the school grounds during lunchtime. Your parents may want you to remain within school bounds through your lunch breaks.

The School Library is open to all pupils at lunchtime.
You may go to the auditorium or the canteen and chat to your friends at lunchtime. When you are in the auditorium you should sit on one of the chairs.
If the weather is good, we expect most pupils to stay outside the building to enjoy the fresh air.

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