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National Qualifications Senior Art and Design

Specimen Naional 5 Paper


Welcome to the  Art and Design National 4/5 page, where mighty ideas are being hatched!

This page has been updated  and focuses now on the design unit .  Scroll down ,there are some resources to support your  Design unit here. 

You can find and download more resources in 'Student Out' You should aim to have your design unit completed before the Prelim exams.


Research ,investigations and analysis of chosen  designers should be well in hand and ready for the written exam, a full exam paper,  in addition,

National 4/5 students will  sit  an all day practical exam  during the  Febuary Prelims,  On this day you  should commence the work for your portfolio .So you must ensure your unit is completed before. 

The time should be used  wisely  Formal artroom exam conditions will  apply , ie.quiet, independent, focused, organised.





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