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Press notes

on Thu, 11/05/2017 - 07:18


The S3 Badaguish Residential trip took place last week.  The group were very lucky with the weather but it was very cold overnight.  Pupils and staff took part in lots of activities including orienteering and canoeing.  All pupils were praised by the staff on their excellent attitude and their enthusiasm for all the activities.  Thank you to the brave [] and of staff who took these young people away for such a great experience.



This week saw the second S2 Relationships Day on Tuesday 9 May.  This event allows pupils to work in small groups on activities about what makes a good friend.  This builds very closely into our anti-bullying work and equips young people with skills to support them throughout life.



Our S2 Engineers group had their second visit to the new Macallan plant on Monday 8 May.  They were very warmly welcomed by staff there and thoroughly enjoyed their morning out.



Laura Lam, an author, visited S3 English.  She gave a very interesting and informative talk on how she ‘goes about writing a book’.  This, I am sure, has encouraged a number of our S3 in their own personal writing.



The SQA exams continue.  Once again pupils of Speyside High School have been commended on their attitude and behaviour throughout the diet so far.



Our successful ‘House of Speyside’ group gained further recognition for their work this week.  All of the pupils involved were successful in passing the Young Enterprise Scotland Exam.  Eight of the pupils passed with credit and two with distinction.  Very well done to them all.



Last week our Meaningful May pupils were involved in a number of employment events ahead of the college week organised by Moray Council.  On Tuesday morning, we were visited by local employers from Ballindalloch Distillery, Parklands Speyside, McPhersons and the MOD.  Pupils worked with them to consider skills and qualities needed in their businesses for the various job opportunities available.  Pupils also worked with SDS to produce an alternative CV – on a t-shirt!!!! Later in the day, the pupils learned a bit about presentation skills and techniques ahead of Wednesday’s activities.  Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning were spent developing ideas for a new tourist attraction for the Aberlour and Speyside area.  The pupils worked in small teams to produce models and presentations of their attraction to meet specific criteria.  In the afternoon we were joined by our visitors again who judged their models and watched the groups pitch their ideas.  Each pupil took part in the presentations and helped show off their ideas.  Every pupil was awarded a medal for their participation.  Several special awards were given out to those who put in special effort to the project.  Well done to everyone involved.  The skills and confidence developed in the young people throughout the week, has helped prepare our young people for the activities this week and in their work experience which follows.  Special thanks to Brian, Glen, Fiona, Wayne, Kay and Megan for their support over the two days.  Without our business partners taking forward the DYW [Developing the Young Workforce] agenda, would be impossible.  The support given to our young people is great and they all appreciate the time out of your days!



I am delighted to say that plans are now afoot for our 40th birthday bash.  This will take place on July 28th at the school.  Watch this space for further details.



Our Breakfast Club is up and running.  Young people can drop in for some ‘brekkie’, a chat or a chill.  Thanks to Tesco in Elgin for their support with this.