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Press notes

on Wed, 01/11/2017 - 14:07


This week we welcomed P7 pupils from Craigellachie and Mortlach Primary Schools to Home Economics as part of our Food For Thought project.  As a group, we received nearly £5000 from Education Scotland through their Food For Thought grants.  Over the rest of the school year we will have pupils visiting us at the high school and Miss Wood and Mrs McLauchlan will also visit the pupils in their own primary schools to develop their practical cookery skills.  Pupils from the eight primary schools in the Speyside ASG and pupils from the high school will be involved in a practical cookery project aimed to ease transition from primary to secondary.  P7 pupils will develop their cookery skills at the high school returning to their primaries to pass on the skills learned to younger pupils with the help of the coo-Kit created as part of the funding.  To further aid the transition project, pupils will take part in an IDL (interdisciplinary learning) activity, in conjunction with our business partner, to produce a healthy new biscuit.  They will work with the wider secondary staff to develop various skills needed in the development of a new food product.

Pupils and staff had a great time making bruschetta and salad.  Pupils will return to their primary schools and teach the P5’s how to make coleslaw.

Miss Wood and Mrs McLauchlan are looking forward to working with the other primary schools very soon.



This year’s Young Enterprise group is up and running.  Speycosy will very soon have a variety of quality, seasonal goods available for sale.  From clocks to mugs and coasters there will be gifts for all. Follow us on twitter @Speycosy and on Facebook @speycosy to stay updated with our progress, products and competitions.



This week we have said farewell to school janitor, Andy Garrick who has been at Speyside High since 1998.  Many thanks for his hard work, dedication and generosity over these years and best wishes for a long and happy retirement.  In his stead we welcome Andrew Bell to our Speyside school community.



SFX Makeup Club culminated this week with a Halloween party where pupils showcased their best gruesome makeup designs.  Team “Mia and Mabel” (Esme Horsburgh S1 and Isla Horsburgh S2) were proud winners of the highly contested skittle race championship; whilst Rhea Fraser and Annie Stuart, S2 were joint apple-ducking-extraordinaires.  Pupils learned how to create scar putty using household materials, and learnt various techniques from painting on wounds to building up scar tissue etc.  All pupils from S1 – S4 showcased enthusiasm and dedication and are looking forward to beginning Christmas Craft Club next week.