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S3-4 Course Choice for 2018-19

S3 pupils were issued their Course Information Booklets on Tuesday 9 January. Thse can be downloaded following the link below.

Download the S3-4 Course Choice Booklet

Pupils interested in going to Moray College on their schools programme as part of thier senior phase next year should have a discussion with their guidance teacher from whom they can get a College options booklet. This can also be downloaded here: College Booklet

S2-3 Course Choice fo 2018-19

Pupils have been issued with course choice sheets and booklets that can be downloaded below. Choice sheets should be returned to PTGs on the evenings of December 14 and 18.

Download the S2-S3 Course Choice Form
Download the S2-S3 Course Choice Booklet


Show My Homework

Click on this link to view a video guide on Show My Homework.


Senior Phase Choices for 2017-18

Download the Course Choice booklet here.

Download the Senior Phase Choice Sheet here.



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New Highers in a Nutshell

National 5 Revision in a Nutshell

Help to learn your quotes for  English and practise quizzes for a number of subjects

View the SQA Video Beyond the Exam

My World of Work


Study Materials

Download files below to help you with preparation for examinations.

Senior Phase Subject Choice

Download the Course Choice Booklet and Choice Sheet.