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S1 Art

      S1  Course Feedback

Please follow the link to the survey monkey questionnaire. We value your feedback and will use it to make our courses even better



In the event of snow closure! Work your way through as many of  these tasks as time allows 

1. Complete any  of the holiday homework exercises   as a typography refresher.

2. Spend at least half an hour drawing a self portrait using  a mirror  

3. Choose one of the artist studies to research (Files below)

4. Take  photographs of  any snow sculptures made



You can  NOW collect your clay  graffiti tile. Come in and finish it  at lunchtimes  !

Don't forget to bring in  a hat for your portrait project photograph !  you should give some time and thought to appropriate background, expression, pose, objects, clothing

 Well done Art club attendees who helped sell Halloween sweets and raise funds for Artist projects, We have also been writing to local businesses   who may be able to help us with our goal in creating inspiring art works in the new performing Arts block.  Our next event will be at the Conval House charity Fair where we will have a stall. We are planning to make Sketchbooks, Christmas cards and clay animal pets as well as other  interesting items.





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